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The Light: "Devil Notes"

Updated: Mar 3

The blueprint for our future trajectory draws inspiration from iconic brands such as Red Bull, Monster Energy, Victoria's Secret, and several others that have carved out legendary statuses in their respective domains.

My strategy involves launching a comprehensive content hub—The Light. This platform will be structured akin to Wikipedia, serving as a vast repository of barbecue knowledge, stories, and more information. Think of it as an encyclopedia dedicated entirely to the art and science of BBQ, our employees, our customers and the community around us.

This initiative is more than just about amassing a wealth of information. It's strategically designed to weave an intricate web of backlinks among our articles, product pages, and every piece of content we produce. This network of links has a singular objective: to significantly boost our Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By funneling all traffic back to our website, we're setting the stage for unprecedented online visibility.

Patience will be key, as this is not an overnight endeavor. Whether it takes a year, five years, or even a decade, our aim is to achieve a level of market dominance unprecedented in the food industry, potentially even rivaling giants like in terms of online reach.

The journey begins with the inclusion of my biography, which will then branch out to feature videos explaining various aspects of our operation, including our unique approach to smoking brisket, the essence of Utah Style BBQ and all 50 States/50 Styles of BBQ. This is more than just a digital strategy; it's laying the groundwork for a future where Devils Pit Barbecue becomes a household name, synonymous with quality, innovation, and the ultimate barbecue experience.


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