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This Months Menu:

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Our Story

From the first time we went out with our massive food trailer, our goal was not to fit in. Most food trucks have a serving window on one side, where ours was designed by the devil him self to serve as fast as possible. It has dual windows, which allow us to serve on either side of our food trailer, or both sides. 



Typically food trucks take orders, and then start making the food. The difference between us and them is we have over 200 hours of preparation before we arrive to sell. Everything is designed to exceed what most would think our competitors.


Our only competitor is ourselves were always working to find better ways to perfect our barbecue to be the "BEST EVER". From Day 1, Lucifer's goal wasn't to offer good barbecue, but to sell only PERFECT BBQ. Perfect BBQ in his eyes, is not to cut  corners and make sure that all our meats get the adequate amount of smoke or cooking time needed and to NEVER skip any steps. In short, we only sell our best and if it doesn't meet the cut, well it's dog food for Maverik!


A typical food truck will serve in about 10-15 minutes, while the fastest drive thru in the world KFC in 2022 served in 8 minutes, 29 seconds. But once again, were not in business to compete with anyone but ourselves. Lucifer will serve in about 1 minute for self pay, 30 seconds for catering and if he brings help, we can serve a portion of meat in as fast as 10 seconds.

Our goal is for the people at your event, catering or our customers at our food trailer to enjoy the events or more of life, by not wasting time in line at our food trailer.

We have food ready to eat at our food trailer, we also have our QRE: Quick Ready to Eat BBQ Meats and Sides that come fully cooked, with instructions on how to reheat them to perfection in as little as 3 minutes. We also sell our BBQ Sauce, which comes in a variety of Flavors, Bases, Spices and Styles and we also have merchandise, some of which comes from our product logos!​

Perfect Quality Everytime

At Devil’s Pit Barbecue, we believe that everyone deserves the joy of a perfectly smoked meal—without the hassle. That's why we're excited to offer our "Best Ever" BBQ right at your doorstep. Now, enjoying our mouth-watering barbecue has never been easier or more convenient.

Fast as Hell

At Devil's Pit Barbecue, we believe in serving up delicious, authentic barbecue while also doing our part for the planet. We understand the responsibility we have to the environment, and we've integrated sustainability into every facet of our business.

Utah Style Barbecue

At Devil’s Pit Barbecue, our passion for authentic, mouth-watering barbecue is matched only by our commitment to our community. One of the ways we bring these two loves together is through our unique Utah Style Fruit Infused BBQ Sauces. These sauces are not just a taste sensation—they are a love letter to the rich agricultural heritage of Utah.

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