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The VALUE we provide

Amazon has long embraced the philosophy that the customer is always right, focusing all its efforts on what's best for the consumer. As I've built this business from the ground up, I've adopted a similar customer-first mindset. However, I aim to take this philosophy even further by not just meeting, but exceeding customer expectations in unique ways.

The BEST EVER Meat: From the moment I started smoking meats, my aim wasn't merely to be proficient at it; I aspired to be the best. Every setback and every triumph has been meticulously refined to ensure we offer the best barbecue you will ever taste. Initially, I followed the traditional methods employed by some of the country’s top BBQ restaurants, smoking brisket and pulled pork for up to 16 hours. However, my journey didn’t stop there—I eventually forged a new path, one that includes a 36-hour resting period after smoking. This crucial step allows the flavors to meld beautifully, significantly enhancing the meat’s taste beyond its fresh-off-the-smoker state.

Even in 2023, we have continued to innovate by integrating a brining process for all our meats, utilizing both dry and wet brines to further boost the flavor profiles.

But our enhancements didn’t end with brining. We discovered that curing the meats before smoking them could exponentially increase their flavor, magnifying the taste tenfold from what it was originally. So, it's safe to say that while many of you have enjoyed our BBQ in the past, the quality we're serving now is unlike anything you've experienced before!

This refined narrative not only underscores your commitment to excellence and continuous improvement but also highlights your innovative approaches that set your BBQ apart from others.

Value Proposition:

Our approach to providing value isn't just about sustaining the business through product sales—it's about embedding this principle deeply into our operations. We ask ourselves: "How can we provide as much value as possible?" This ethos has led to several initiatives:

The Devil's Pit Foundation:

Initially, our vision was simple: use the tips from our customers and leverage our resources to provide BBQ meals to those in need, rather than channeling funds through traditional charities. While The Devil's Pit Foundation isn't yet a registered 501(c)(3) organization, our commitment has only grown, and we've found innovative ways to increase our impact.

Dog Treats:

This project is close to my heart. It began with a question: How can we repurpose the leftover drippings from our BBQ to benefit others? Observing the joyful reaction of our dogs to these flavorful treats, we decided to sell them and direct all proceeds to feed people in need.


Echoing Amazon's strategy, all proceeds from our merchandise sales are funneled directly into The Devil's Pit Foundation, further supporting our community-focused initiatives.

Rewards Programs:

Our rewards programs are designed to thank our customers and partners while reinforcing our value-driven mission:

Infernal Rewards: Customers receive 3% back in reward points, which can be used towards future BBQ purchases.

Devil Shares: Every dollar spent at Devil's Pit Barbecue earns customers a stake in our success.

Demon Shares: Influencers gain a share of our success for every dollar generated through their promotions.

Angel Shares: Business partners earn a share of our success for every dollar in paid royalties or goods provided.

Our goal with these programs is to provide unparalleled value, setting us apart from any other company in the world. By doing so, we aim to expand our small business globally, creating a widespread impact that transcends the typical business model.


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