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Redefining Fast Food: From 10-Minute Burgers to 100-Hour Masterpieces

In recent years, we've all witnessed the relentless rise in prices across the board, a trend largely attributed to inflation. It seems like there's no end in sight to these escalating costs. This article offers a detailed breakdown of typical fast-food pricing: a burger at $12.49, a soda for $2.89, small fries at $5.19, with sales tax adding $1.34, and a tip of $2.19. Now, let's put this into perspective by comparing a standard hamburger to our signature Texas Style Shredded Beef Sandwich.

It might seem audacious to compare a 10-15 minute hamburger preparation to our laboriously crafted 100-hour Shredded Beef, but it clearly illustrates our commitment to transcending "The Status Quo." Our dedication to quality over convenience is evident in every facet of our offering:

  • Burger vs. Smoked Shredded Beef: The average burger, priced at $12.49, can be prepared in 10-15 minutes. In contrast, our Smoked Shredded Beef undergoes a meticulous process including dry brining, smoking, roasting, and resting, accumulating to 100 hours of preparation. Although we smoke 300 sandwiches at a time, each one must meet the high standards I've set to qualify as my best shredded beef.

  • Fries vs. Loaded Dutch Oven Potatoes: Traditional fries, taking 5-10 minutes to prepare and priced at $5.19, pale in comparison to our loaded Dutch oven potatoes. Our version is a culinary masterpiece featuring bacon, sautéed onions, and cheese, all baked to perfection over four hours. We prepare enough for 270 people per batch, yet the commitment to quality never wanes.

  • Soda Pricing: At $2.89, soda doesn’t involve preparation time, making it a simple, though profitable, offering for us. However, we prioritize fairness over greed in our pricing.

  • Sales Tax: Unlike our competitors, our prices include sales tax, simplifying the purchasing process for our customers.

  • Tipping: Furthermore, the expectation of tipping for every service has become a perplexing norm. Our pricing model is designed to ensure our employees earn a substantial wage through either a $20 hourly rate or a 10% commission—the latter proving more lucrative 80% of the time. Optional tips from our customers are directed to the Devil's Pit Foundation, supporting our mission to provide food and clothing to those in need.

It baffles me how publicly traded corporations can justify continuous price hikes and then boast about record profits. It's hardly surprising when you consider that these price increases directly contribute to their bottom line.

In conclusion, while inflation and rising prices are realities we all contend with, at our establishment, we strive to offer value that extends beyond mere cost. Our focus on quality, fair pricing, and giving back to the community stands in stark contrast to the corporate greed that seems all too common today. We invite our customers to not only enjoy a meal but to be part of a movement that challenges the status quo, offering something genuinely invaluable in return.

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