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Introducing Goliath's Cornbread - the ultimate dessert to complement your barbecue feast. Goliath was known as a giant and a formidable opponent in biblical times, but even he couldn't resist the deliciousness of Goliath's Cornbread.


This cornbread is made with just the right amount of honey, baked into every bite for the perfect amount of sweetness. It's the perfect complement to your savory barbecue dishes, and the only thing that can stop Goliath in his tracks besides a rock.


Whether you're enjoying some juicy ribs or some delicious pulled pork, Goliath's Cornbread is the perfect way to cap off your meal. And with its perfect blend of sweetness and texture, it's sure to be a hit with everyone at your next barbecue.


So don't settle for a boring dessert - try Goliath's Cornbread and taste the power of the ultimate giant.


Half Dozen QRE: Cornbread Muffins. Fully Baked and finished, just 15 minutes with instructions at home or camping in the mountains!

QRE: Cornbread

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