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Devils Pit Influencers: Angels, Demons & Devils

At Devils Pit, we're reimagining the role of promotional models, seeking individuals who do more than just work an event. We desire influencers who genuinely love our barbecue, embrace our branding, and, above all, cherish having a great time. Life's fleeting moments are precious; let's make every second count.

The Offer: We're looking for "6 Angels, 6 Demons & 6 Devils" to represent the brand at ALL events in Utah. Influencers chosen for this unique program will earn a 10% commission on sales made at events or through a special influencer code provided to their followers. Additionally, influencers can offer a 10% discount to their audience, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between our brand and the influencer’s community.

Events: We're on the lookout for individuals of all genders to represent Devils Pit at various engagements, including food truck appearances, event booths, and trade shows. Your role will be pivotal in marketing our extensive product range, which includes hot foods, bottled BBQ sauces, unique merchandise, and even dog treats.

Food: Incorporate Devils Pit barbecue into your lifestyle, whether at home, during outdoor adventures, or anywhere else imaginable. Through our innovative QRE (Quick Ready to Eat) "Freezer Meals," influencers can enjoy and showcase the unparalleled quality of our barbecue in diverse settings, ensuring every meal is an adventure.

BBQ Sauce: Challenge your followers with our "Dante's Inferno Spice Challenge." Unlike other challenges, each of our BBQ sauce flavors retains its distinctive taste profile, even at the highest spice levels, inviting a culinary exploration that's both exciting and flavorful.

Merchandise: Our merchandise line offers more than just branded apparel; it supports a cause. Every item from our extensive range, including those from the daring "Pandora's Box" collection, contributes to The Devils Pit Foundation, blending style with social impact.

Dog Treats: For the pet owners among our influencers, we offer dog treats crafted from our barbecue drippings. This high-margin product not only benefits your furry friends but also supports The Devils Pit Foundation, underscoring our commitment to community and charity.

Free Food: Yes, you read that right – we’re offering free food to our influencers. Utilize "The Devils Bible," our comprehensive cookbook, to create over 75 different meal options. Share these culinary creations with your family, friends, and followers, showcasing the exceptional quality and versatility of our barbecue.

Influencer Roles: We've categorized our influencer roles into "Angels, Demons, & Devils" to accommodate varying event styles and personal comfort levels. This designation isn’t about judgment but rather offers a range of personas that cater to different event atmospheres. We aim for this experience to be one you look back on with pride, not regret.

Content: We’re seeking influencers to highlight the versatility of our barbecue offerings. Your posts will not only engage your audience but also drive traffic to our website, where customers can explore and purchase our wide array of products.

By joining the Devils Pit influencer program, you're not just part of a promotional team; you're a key player in a community-driven brand that celebrates the joy of barbecue and the richness of life. Let's embark on this deliciously adventurous journey together.


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