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Devils Pit BBQ: Promotional Modeling (Angels, Demons & Devils)

To fully grasp the concept behind categorizing our promotional models, into Angels, Demons, and Devils, it's essential to delve into the source of this framework. The idea emerged from recognizing the diverse nature of events Devils Pit Barbecue could serve, each requiring a unique approach to cater effectively.

Drawing inspiration from Monster Energy and their successful implementation of "Monster Energy Girls," we observed the dual benefit of adhering to the "Sex Sells" principle while providing a platform for young women to advance their modeling careers within a corporate structure. This model of empowering brand ambassadors became a cornerstone for our promotional strategy.

The initial spark for Devils Pit BBQ was to make an indelible mark at "Sturgis Bike Week" in South Dakota. With Asmodeus—Jeremiah Johnson—at the helm of streamlining our operations, we've engineered a system not only to deliver unparalleled BBQ but to do so with unprecedented efficiency. Our capability to serve our customers 15 times faster than competitors isn't just a logistical triumph; it's a testament to our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, encapsulating Asmodeus's feeling of "Events and catering is like robbing a bank"—fast, profitable, and leaving everyone smiling.

The evolution of the business illuminated the need for a three-tiered approach to event categorization: Family Friendly, Adult, and the more audacious Sturgis-type events. Each category demands a distinct branding and attire protocol to align with the event's atmosphere.

  • Family Friendly: These events prioritize a wholesome environment where families gather. Attire and branding for our Angels will be modest and respectful, featuring jeans, t-shirts, long sleeves, or sweatshirts to ensure appropriateness for all ages.

  • Adult: At events where alcohol is prevalent, the atmosphere shifts to a more mature audience. Here, our Demons can adopt a slightly more revealing wardrobe—skirts, short shorts, bikinis, bra tops, lingerie, or corset tops—balancing boldness with respect.

  • Sturgis-Type Events: Embodying the essence of boldness, our Devils will push the boundaries of promotional modeling with creativity and individuality. While maintaining the strict rule of being "COVERED," this group is encouraged to explore the full spectrum of their expressive freedom, coordinating with the "Top Devil" to ensure alignment with each event's vibe.

The delineation of Angels, Demons, and Devils is not just about attire; it's a reflection of our brand's dynamic range and its adaptability to various social settings. It's imperative to me that anyone stepping into these roles—regardless of gender—feels empowered to express their true selves within the boundaries of what they find comfortable.

I am wholly committed to fostering an environment of open dialogue and feedback. The essence of our promotional teams should resonate with personal authenticity while upholding the integrity of our brand at every turn. The ambition is to cultivate a space where our brand ambassadors can thrive, contribute creatively, and feel proud to represent Devils Pit BBQ across the spectrum of Angels, Demons, and Devils.

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