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What is Original BBQ Sauce?

To fully appreciate what constitutes an "original BBQ sauce," it's essential first to understand the broader concept of barbecue. The origins of barbecue trace back to our ancestors—cavemen who used fire and smoke to preserve meats, a process somewhat similar to what we consider jerky today.

Barbecue is widely recognized across the United States, but it is most famously categorized into four regional styles, although numerous variations exist beyond these. When most people refer to barbecue, they often mean the distinct styles of Texas, Memphis, Carolina, and Kansas City.

  • Texas Style: Known for its rich flavor, Texas BBQ sauce typically includes ketchup, plenty of brown sugar, vinegar, and a blend of spices. It's known for its thick, almost jam-like consistency, similar to that found in brands like Sweet Baby Ray's or Famous Dave’s.

  • Memphis Style: This sauce is tangy, incorporating ketchup, mustard, onions, molasses, citrus, vinegar, and spices. It's commonly used for basting ribs and is a staple in Memphis barbecue.

  • Carolina Style: Featuring a savory flavor profile, Carolina sauce is heavy on vinegar with ketchup and spices. It's thinner than its counterparts, making it ideal for basting and particularly favored for pulled pork.

  • Kansas City Style: Known for its emphasis on dry-rubbed meats, Kansas City barbecue focuses on the rub more than the sauce, although many joints also serve sauce on the side.

In most barbecue restaurants, the choice of style is often limited to one of these four traditions.

At Devil’s Pit Barbecue, we've embraced the Kansas City tradition of dry-rubbing our meats but have also developed three unique base sauces to complement our offerings via our Original Generals:

Sam Houston's Revolutionary BBQ Sauce

General Sherman's Carolina BBQ Sauce

PGT Beauregard's Tennessee Rebel BBQ Sauce

For those who enjoy our Utah Style Fruit Infused BBQ Sauces, we begin with these three foundational sauces and then infuse them with local flavors to create something truly unique and reflective of our regional tastes.

Ultimately, the definition of "Original BBQ Sauce" varies widely and is often influenced by regional preferences or the style one grew up enjoying. Interestingly, here in Utah, over 60% of our customers prefer Sam Houston's BBQ Sauce!

This version provides a more comprehensive overview of the different BBQ styles and highlights how your restaurant uniquely combines these traditions to create a diverse sauce menu that caters to various tastes.

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