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The Ultimate Catering Experience:

Serve Time: Catering represents the pinnacle of our operations, shining brightly as we move beyond individual transactions to provide seamless service. Our founder, Lucifer, channels "God Mode" during these events, achieving remarkable efficiency with BBQ served at a rate of 1 meal every 6.66 seconds.

Never Sold Out: Consistent with our ethos across all business operations, our catering model is designed to never run out. We always bring ample food to capture every potential sale. Though occasionally we might run low on one type of meat, we're always prepared with delicious alternatives to ensure no guest goes unsatisfied.


Our compensation structure for catering events is designed with teamwork and efficiency in mind, ensuring that our service is both fast and of the highest quality. Based on the expected attendance, we carefully determine the necessary staffing, generally requiring 2-3 team members per event. We offer two compensation options to our dedicated team:

  • Option 1: 10% of the total event revenue is shared among 1-2 team members. This model is particularly rewarding, as it directly reflects the event's success. Lucifer, our founder, contributes his efforts without any monetary compensation, focusing instead on the collective achievement and the growth of our brand.

  • Option 2: Alternatively, team members can choose to be compensated in a manner akin to traditional server wages, receiving $2.13 per hour plus tips. However, it's worth noting that historically, Option 1 has proven to be more lucrative for our team members.

Tips: A Gesture of Giving Back:

In line with our commitment to community and shared success, all tips received during catering events are forwarded to a cause close to our hearts – The Devil's Pit Foundation. This initiative embodies our dedication to making a tangible difference, utilizing the generosity of our clients to feed and clothe those in need. And who do we consider in need? Humorously, anyone who hasn’t yet had the pleasure of tasting our BBQ!

By choosing to work with us, you're not just earning; you're part of a bigger movement. Our model not only ensures fair compensation but also fosters a culture of giving back, making every event we cater an opportunity to support and uplift others. Join us in creating unforgettable experiences for our clients while contributing to a noble cause through The Devil's Pit Foundation.

Operational Hours: Our catering services usually span 2-3 hours of service time, in addition to travel.

Territory Coverage: We proudly serve a wide area including Cache, Box Elder, Weber, Morgan, Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, Summit, Tooele, and Wasatch Counties, operating out of Davis County. We're committed to meeting any catering needs that exceed the $1,000 minimum.

Efficiency Unmatched: Our approach to catering is akin to a well-planned heist: we arrive not to cook but to sell pre-prepared, perfect-quality food. Our streamlined systems and processes ensure we outperform competitors in speed without compromising the excellence of our offerings.

Diverse Menu: Our catering menu rivals that of six food trucks and a dessert truck, all rolled into one. Options range from meats, sandwiches, tacos, loaded nachos, and Dutch oven potatoes to breakfast burritos. For dessert, we serve delightful cobblers with ice cream, ensuring a broad and appealing selection without slowing down our service.

Event Synergy: While catering is our business's crowning glory, the majority of these opportunities stem from our participation in events. Actively engaging in events naturally leads to more catering engagements, creating a cycle of success.

Catering Referral Program: To encourage community involvement, we offer a referral program for catering events. Referrers are prioritized for staffing at the events they help secure, rewarding their efforts and fostering a sense of ownership and participation within our team.

Through this expansive approach, we not only serve food; we create experiences that bind our team and delight our clients, reinforcing our reputation as leaders in the catering domain. Join us in making every event unforgettable, where efficiency meets excellence, and every guest leaves happier than they arrived.

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