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Calling All Photographers and Videographers: In Utah

We're on the hunt for the six most talented photographers and videographers in the state of Utah to join our dynamic:

Friends of The Devil: Influencer Program

We've kickstarted the "Friends of The Devil" Influencer Program as part of our innovative marketing approach. This program is about forging partnerships with influencers whose vision aligns with our brand's spirit. Participants can share exclusive discounts with their followers, earning complimentary products and merchandise in return, along with a share of the sales generated. This strategy is designed to foster genuine brand endorsements and broaden our reach naturally.

At Devils Pit Barbecue, we're not just confident that we serve the best barbecue in the world; we believe it's the "BEST EVER." Now, we want to team up with you to creatively showcase that our barbecue can be enjoyed not only in our restaurants or at home but in the most unexpected and adventurous places — yes, even as far as the moon or Mars!

The emotion we aim to capture is ENVY, one of "The Seven Deadly Sins." Our goal is to make our customers yearn for a taste of our offerings and drool over images of our premium "American Wagyu." Let's collaborate to create content that not only highlights the unparalleled quality and taste of our barbecue but also evokes a sense of longing and desire, making everyone wish they were savoring our mouthwatering dishes.

Join us in this exciting journey to elevate barbecue to cosmic heights. Let's make the world envious of what we have to offer, one stunning photo and video at a time.

Below are some images of what we do and some that have been taken by a professional photographer.

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