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Kappa's Cucumber BBQ Sauce:
Introducing Kappa's Cucumber BBQ Sauce - a sauce inspired by the mystical Japanese creature known as Kappa. These reptilian kami are not to be taken lightly, as they share traits with the dark yōkai of Japanese folklore. But when revered as deities, they can be generous and even bring good fortune.


Kappa's Cucumber BBQ Sauce is a perfect blend of sweet and tangy flavors, with a refreshing hint of cucumber. It's perfect for grilling up some chicken or even some grilled vegetables.


Now, you might be thinking, why would I want to try a sauce inspired by a creature that can be dangerous if not respected? Well, let me tell you - when you show Kappa the respect they deserve, they can be very generous. And Kappa's Cucumber BBQ Sauce is a delicious way to honor this unique Japanese folklore creature.


But beware - Kappa have a peculiar fondness for cucumbers and revel in the violence of sumo wrestling. And if not respected, they may turn malevolent and even assault humans in water, viciously extracting a mysterious organ known as the shirikodama from their victim's anus.


So, whether you're a fan of Japanese folklore or just a fan of unique and refreshing flavors, Kappa's Cucumber BBQ Sauce is the perfect addition to your next barbecue. But remember, to avoid the wrath of the Kappa, be sure to show them the respect they deserve.

Includes: 1 bottle of Kappa's Cucumber BBQ Sauce

Base: Texas Sweet
Spice: Gluttony (Chipotle)

Kappa's Cucumber BBQ Sauce

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