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Coyote's Baby Back Ribs - 1/3 Rack of Baby Back Ribs:

Get ready to savor the exquisite flavors of Coyote's Baby Back Ribs, a BBQ delight that stands out for its exceptional taste and lean profile. These Baby Back Ribs undergo a meticulous preparation process that ensures each bite is a taste sensation. Beginning with a generous 48-hour dry brining period, featuring our celebrated "Lilith's Rub," these ribs are then slow-smoked for a delectable 16 hours over a harmonious blend of Apple, Hickory, and Oak woods. Afterward, they are rested for a luxurious 36-hour period to achieve the pinnacle of flavor.


🔥 Highlights:

  • A hearty 1/3 rack of succulent Baby Back Ribs
  • Dry brined with "Lilith's Rub" for an irresistible flavor profile
  • Lean and tender, with a focus on quality and flavor
  • Slow-smoked for 16 hours, infusing it with a delightful smokiness
  • Rested to enhance tenderness and depth of flavor


These Baby Back Ribs may be on the leaner side, but they are a testament to BBQ mastery. The result is a flavor that's simply irresistible, enhanced by Lilith's Rub and the harmonious blend of smoky woods.


Experience the culinary excellence of Coyote's Baby Back Ribs and discover why they're a BBQ sensation. They're the kind of ribs that'll have you begging for another rack!


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