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Belial's Sliced Brisket - 1/3 Pound of Sliced Brisket:

Prepare to embark on a culinary journey that'll leave you craving for more with Belial's Sliced Brisket. This magnificent brisket experience starts with a 48-hour dry brining process, featuring the tantalizing "Lilith's Rub," our most celebrated seasoning. Following the dry brine, it's slow-smoked for a delightful 16 hours over a harmonious blend of Apple, Hickory, and Oak woods. Afterward, it's granted a generous 36-hour resting period to reach the pinnacle of perfection.


🔥 Highlights:

  • A generous 1/3 pound of thinly sliced Prime Grade Brisket
  • Dry brined with "Lilith's Rub" for an irresistible flavor profile
  • Slow-smoked with Apple, Hickory, and Oak wood for a divine smokiness
  • The lean yet succulent flat of the brisket, similar to KC BBQ
  • Rested to enhance tenderness and depth of flavor


The result is thinly sliced brisket that showcases the excellence of Prime Grade beef and the perfect harmony of smoky flavors. Lilith's Rub adds the devilish touch that makes it unforgettable.


Savor the temptation of Belial's Sliced Brisket and experience BBQ that sets a new standard. It's the kind of brisket that'll have you begging for more with every bite!

Sliced Brisket Sandwich

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