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Abel's Grapefruit BBQ Sauce:
Hello there, BBQ lovers. I'm Abel, and I'm here to tell you about my latest creation - Abel's Ghost Pepper Grapefruit BBQ Sauce.


Let me tell you a little story. One day, while I was out farming with my older brother, he thought it would be funny to paint a rock to look like a watermelon. And, of course, being the prankster he is, he picked up that rock and threw it at me. The next thing I knew, I was a ghost.

But instead of letting that get me down, I used my newfound ghostly powers to create the most delicious barbecue sauce you'll ever taste. Abel's Ghost Pepper Grapefruit BBQ Sauce is a perfect blend of heat and citrusy sweetness. The ghost pepper brings the heat, while the grapefruit adds a refreshing twist that will make your taste buds dance.


This sauce is perfect for those who love a little bit of heat, but also want something unique and flavorful. It's perfect for grilling up some chicken, pork, or even shrimp. It's the perfect sauce for those who want to add a little bit of ghostly magic to their barbecue.


So, whether you're a ghost or a human, Abel's Ghost Pepper Grapefruit BBQ Sauce is the perfect addition to your next barbecue. Give it a try and taste the magic for yourself.

Includes 1 bottle of Abel's Ghost Pepper Grapefruit BBQ Sauce.
Base: Tangy
Spice: Anger (Ghost Pepper)


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