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Frank Lucas's Dutch Oven Potatoes - A Savory Delight:

Indulge in the savory and indulgent side dish that is Frank Lucas's Dutch Oven Potatoes. This culinary creation begins with a heavenly blend of bacon and onions sautéed to perfection, enriched with the enticing sweetness of brown sugar.


🥓 Highlights:

  • Layers of thinly sliced potatoes paired with mouthwatering bacon jam
  • Generous toppings of cheese on each layer for irresistible richness
  • A second layer of potatoes and bacon jam, crowned with more cheese
  • A sprinkle of Lilith's Rub, a secret spice blend, for bold and flavorful goodness
  • Baked in a Dutch oven to intensify the melding of flavors


Overview: Frank Lucas's Dutch Oven Potatoes offer a delectable experience that combines layers of potatoes, savory bacon, and cheese with a touch of sweetness and a bold kick of spices. The Dutch oven baking method ensures that all the flavors meld to perfection.


Don't wait to satisfy your cravings with this savory delight. Once you've tasted the irresistible goodness of Frank Lucas's Dutch Oven Potatoes, you may find yourself coming back for more! Enjoy the convenience of 1 pound of QRE (Quick, Ready-to-Eat) Dutch Oven Potatoes, fully cooked and finished, with easy instructions for preparation at home or during your mountain adventures.

Dutch Oven Potatoes

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