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Bacon Burnt Ends:

Prepare to be amazed by our delectable Bacon Burnt Ends, a culinary masterpiece that elevates bacon to a whole new level. We begin this extraordinary journey by sourcing the finest pork belly from south of the border. Then, we embark on a meticulous process that results in flavor-packed perfection. Our Bacon Burnt Ends are dry-brined with the exclusive "Santa Ana's Texas Style Rub" for an impressive 48 hours, followed by 16 hours of slow smoking, and a generous 36-hour resting period to achieve absolute culinary nirvana.


🔥 Highlights:

  • A generous 1/3 pound of Bacon Burnt Ends
  • Made from premium imported pork belly
  • Dry brined with "Santa Ana's Texas Style Rub" for an explosion of flavor
  • Slow-smoked for 16 hours to capture the essence of Texas BBQ
  • Rested to enhance tenderness and depth of flavor


The result is an explosion of flavor that will make you wish Santa Ana had won the war for Texas Independence. Each bite is a savory celebration of the rich heritage of Texas BBQ.


Experience the taste sensation of Bacon Burnt Ends and discover why it's an unforgettable addition to our menu, taking bacon to new heights of culinary excellence!

Bacon "Burnt Ends"

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