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Adam's Spare Ribs - 1/3 Rack of Spare Ribs:

Get ready to savor the epitome of BBQ perfection with Adam's Spare Ribs. These Spare Ribs are a testament to simplicity and excellence, starting with a meticulous 48-hour dry brining process using the renowned "Santa Ana's Texas Style Rub." They are then slow-smoked for a remarkable 16 hours, followed by a generous 36-hour resting period to reach the pinnacle of flavor.


🔥 Highlights:

  • A hearty 1/3 rack of mouthwatering Spare Ribs
  • Dry brined with the simplicity of "Santa Ana's Texas Style Rub"
  • Slow-smoked for 16 hours with post oak wood for authentic flavor
  • Rested to enhance tenderness and depth of flavor


The result is a flavor that transcends even the best Texas BBQ. These Spare Ribs have a taste so exceptional that it's better than Texas itself!


Discover the unmatched flavor of Adam's Spare Ribs and experience BBQ excellence that sets a new standard. It's a taste that will leave you longing for more!

1/3 Rack Spare Ribs

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