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Supay's 1/3 Pound Shredded Beef Sandwich:

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary culinary experience with Supay's 1/3 Pound Shredded Beef Sandwich. Our dedication to perfection starts with our Shredded Beef, which undergoes a meticulous process to deliver an unrivaled taste. It all begins with a generous 48-hour dry brining process, featuring our exclusive "Santa Ana's Texas Style Rub." Afterward, the beef is slow-smoked for a mouthwatering 16 hours and then rested for a full 36 hours to achieve perfection.


🔥 Highlights:

  • Generous 1/3 pound of succulent Shredded Beef
  • Dry brined with "Santa Ana's Texas Style Rub" for intense flavor
  • Slow-smoked for 16 hours to capture the essence of Texas BBQ
  • Rested to enhance tenderness and depth of flavor


The result is a flavor-packed sandwich that will not only rival but surpass the best in Texas BBQ traditions.


Savor the bold taste of Supay's 1/3 Pound Shredded Beef Sandwich and experience a BBQ sensation that pays homage to the heart of Texas BBQ!

Shredded Beef Sandwich

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