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Judas' 1/3 Pound Tri-Tip Sandwich:

Prepare to embark on a divine culinary journey with Judas' 1/3 Pound Tri-Tip Sandwich. This extraordinary creation begins with our Tri-tip, which is treated with the utmost reverence. We start by generously dry brining it with our exclusive "Jesus' Last Supper Rub" for 48 hours, then delicately oven-roasting it for an impressive 16 hours, and finally, allowing it to rest for a generous 36-hour period to reach perfection.


🌟 Highlights:

  • A substantial 1/3 pound of succulent Tri-tip
  • Infused with the heavenly flavors of "Jesus' Last Supper Rub"
  • Slow oven-roasted for a remarkable 16 hours to preserve tenderness
  • Rested to enhance the depth of flavor and juiciness


The flavor profile of this sandwich is so divine that it may make you question if you've ascended to a heavenly realm!


Experience the transcendental taste of Judas' 1/3 Pound Tri-Tip Sandwich and savor the divine essence of BBQ perfection.

Tri Tip Sandwich

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