Some say that Ben Franklin wanted our national bird to be a Turkey, wether it's a myth or not thats beside the point.

Devils Pit Barbecue has taken our Lilith Rub that we use oun everything and has put the right amount on a turkey breast. We then smoke it to get the right flavor and finish it off by roasting it in a butter/garlic and herbs. During the Roasting process, we baist the turkey every half an hour and what happens is that nice buttery flavor runs off the turkey along with those delicious flavors, so that no flavor is lost in the process!

We then let it rest and slice it for you to have on a sandwich or just eat the entire bag, before you find the bread. Our Teddy Bundy's Cranberry Chipotle Barbecue sauce is the piece you didn't know it needed. This is because the Turkey is PERFECT without it!

Ben Franklin's Turkey

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