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Belial's Brisket Burnt Ends - 1/3 Pound of Brisket Burnt Ends:

Prepare to be enraptured by the smoky perfection of Belial's Brisket Burnt Ends. These tantalizing burnt ends are a result of a meticulous process that ensures every bite is a flavor explosion. Starting with a generous 48-hour dry brining process, featuring our renowned "Lilith's Rub," these burnt ends are then slow-smoked for an enticing 16 hours over a harmonious blend of Apple, Hickory, and Oak woods. They are then rested for a luxurious 36-hour period to reach the pinnacle of flavor.


🔥 Highlights:

  • A generous 1/3 pound of perfectly marbled Brisket Burnt Ends
  • Dry brined with "Lilith's Rub" for an irresistible flavor profile
  • Slow-smoked with Apple, Hickory, and Oak wood for a divine smokiness
  • The Point of the brisket is cubed into perfectly marbled burnt ends
  • Prime Grade brisket ensures unparalleled quality and flavor


The result is a culinary masterpiece that offers a symphony of flavors. The marbled texture of the burnt ends combines with Lilith's Rub, creating a taste that's simply irresistible.


Experience the smoky allure of Belial's Brisket Burnt Ends and discover why it's the pinnacle of BBQ excellence. It's the kind of BBQ that'll have you begging for more with every heavenly bite!

Brisket Burnt Ends

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