Instant Pot Sliced Brisket

Brisket is hands down one of my favorite meats to smoke. I start off smoking a 13-18 pound brisket, by getting a choice to prime brisket. I used to rub two of them down with our Lilith Rub (Heaven heat level) which combines the perfect amount of brown sugar, Kosher salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, Chile powder and cayenne pepper.” and place them on my Treager smoker, but now I rub 20 of them down and put them in my Ole Hickory Pits smoker which is a commercial smoker. From here I set the smoker to 180F and smoke it for 24 hours and every hour I go out and mist it with a liquid to keep it moist. After the briskets have hit the 24 hours of smoking time, this isn’t the end of the process, then I increase the heat to get the brisket to a PERFECT 203-205F, which is when the enzymes in meat break down. We immediately cool the brisket down, so that it holds its form when we cut it.

After being chilled, we take it out and slice the flat of the brisket into Belial’s Sliced Brisket and the point becomes Brisket Burnt Ends. From there we immediately vacuum seal the slices from the flat of the brisket and flash freeze them before they are ready to ship out.

Once we are done on our end our Belial’s Sliced Brisket can be shipped to you. Where you cook them on the spot or freeze them until you, or your family, are ready to eat them.

Easy Prep Sliced Brisket

Step 1/Optional: Take Belial’s Sliced Brisket out of the freezer and defrost in hot water for 10-15 minutes.

Step 2: Place Belial’s Sliced Brisket in a Instant Pot, add 2 cups water and cook on high for 15-30 minutes. “Note 15 minutes if defrosted, 30 minutes if frozen

Step 3: Remove Belial’s Brisket Burnt Ends and dish them up on a nice plate.

Enjoy! Caution they will be HOT!!!

Question & Answers:

Doesn’t freezing Belial’s Sliced Brisket make them not as good as if they were made fresh at my home?

Believe it or not, the freezer actually makes them BETTER! There is a curing process that makes the meat have more flavor after being frozen for a period of time that Devils Pit BBQ has figured out.

What if part of my group doesn’t like spicy flavoring but I do?

With Devils Pit Barbecue’s Belial’s Sliced Brisket, allows you to add the sauce that you want to them. You can top them with extra Raspberry chipotle barbecue sauce with a spicier heat level so that everyone at your event or party can enjoy them just as much as much.

Written by Lucifer

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