Instant Pot Bobbitt's Braut's

Bobbitt Braut's start out from traditional brautwursts, we smoke them for 4 hours before we finish them in a liquid to rehydrate them. We then take the brauts and cut them into 2” sections and cover them in our Raspberry Chipotle Carmelizing Sauce and bake them for an additional 2 hours in the oven. At which time the sauce carmelizes to the brauts and adds a lot more flavor. Then we remove them and vacuum seal them in 1 pound packages and flash freeze them. From there, we ship them to you at which time you can cook them immediately or wait for a later date to cook them.

Instant Pot Carmelized Brauts:

Step 1/Optional: Take Bobbitt Braut’s out of the freezer and defrost in hot water for 10-15 minutes.

Step 2: Place the inner package in your Instant Pot with 2 cups of water and cook on high for 15-30 minutes. “Note 15 minutes if defrosted, 30 minutes if frozen

Step 3: Remove Bobbitt Brauts and dish them up on a nice plate.

Enjoy! Caution they will be HOT!!!

Question & Answers:

Doesn’t freezing Bobbitt Brauts make them not as good as if they were made fresh at my home?

Believe it or not, the freezer actually makes them BETTER! There is a curing process that makes the meat have more flavor after being frozen for a period of time that Devils Pit BBQ has figured out.

What goes well with Bobbitt Braut’s?

Bobbit Braut's make for a good snack or finger food, but also go well with Belial’s Brisket, Coyote’s Ribs, King Paimon’s Pulled Pork, Devil Dogs and more.

Why Bobbit?

In 1993, John Bobbit was the individual that his wife cut of his D***, drove down the road and through it out the window. If you followed the story, his wife claimed that he was abusive and she and other women might think of him as a DEVIL!

Written by Lucifer

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