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I really didn’t want to start this venture off in the first place. I’ve been smoking food for about 5 years now and while I enjoy it, I didn’t want another business as most of my time has been working on ItemsToShare.com my rental platform.

For years now I have been smoking food for my Bell family’s get together “Black & White Days” NO not that kind of event, its a Richmond Utah event that promotes its routes back to the dairy industry of Holstein cattle. We have gone up every year and watched the small town parade and cooked for my extended family and each year for the last 5 years, my fathers family has said you need to start a BBQ restaurant or catering company.

So after this “Black & White Days 2019”, I figured I would take the time to look at the market opportunity and see if it’s something that I should start a business in.

I’m not one to follow the Status Quo, so after looking at the opportunity in front of me, I decided to do something that hasn’t been done before in the BBQ/Smoking industry. Devils Pit Barbecue will sell our famous Take & Bake Ribs. We make it so that in just 2 hours you can have fall off the bone ribs, anywhere with an oven or 30 minutes in an "Insta Pot."

Along with Devil’s Pit Barbecue's Take & Bake Ribs, we will also be offering our Barbecue Sauce’s, Rubs, Hot Sauces and of course our "Boil Bag Pulled Pork, Shredded Chicken, Bratwursts, Brisket and more to come................"

To be center stage of your next party or event, order Devils Pit Barbecue meal prepped meats, rubs, hot sauces and barbecue sauces!!!


Beauregard James Bell

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